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Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd.

Designs, develops and manufactures an advanced range of interior luminaires

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    115-11, Jingye Rd., Fengming Industrial Zone, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Zhejiang Haoting Lighting Co., Ltd. designs, develops and manufactures an advanced range of interior luminaires including table lamps, under cabinet lights, wall lights, ceiling lights and pedant lights. Haoting Lighting is one of the oldest lighting manufacturers in China. Its history can be traced to 1958, the year when its predecessor, Tongxiang Lighting Fixture Factory, was founded. Through the years, Haoting Lighting has evolved from a small factory to what it is today - a progressive company with robust synergies in product development and production. The company's diversified product portfolio has been developed through its dedication to manufacturing excellence and specialization in cutting edge technologies.

With a forward-thinking operation strategy, Haoting Lighting has developed unique lighting capabilities consistently deliver higher-performance and cost-competitive products through its sophisticated infrastructure and innovative development process that lowers costs and speeds time-to-market. Operating out of a 50,000 square meter facility, Haoting Lighting has 15 modern high volume production lines that feature robotic systems with automatic transfers. Unlike most lighting assemblers who're basically labor-intensive business, Haoting Lighting has been making substantial investment in automation to improve productivity and assembly precision. High degree of automation gives Haoting Lighting a competitive edge in lowering manufacturing cost and ensuring a high level of consistency in quality control.

Haoting's core competencies also include its superior engineering capabilities in fabricating metal, plastic and glass components. The vertical integration to produce all major fixture components in-house ensures Haoting's products have quality and craftsmanship unequaled in the lighting industry. The company has an inventive development team of 50+ engineers that incorporates their expertise in thermal modeling, industrial design, and engineering of mechanical, electrical and optical systems. With its advanced manufacturing infrastructure and the collective knowledge from the proactive workforce of 400 employees, Haoting Lighting is advantageously positioned to conquer integration challenges and sets the industry's benchmarks for performance, design, craftsmanship and reliability.

From initial design concepts and product development through final assembly, ISO 9001 protocols are tightly followed in every stage of the process to ensure the highest possible quality. Every product is thoroughly tested to the highest possible global and industry standards. Haoting's lights come with third party verified conformity and compliance to a variety of safety certification programs such as SEMKO, ETL, UL, VDE, CE, and CCC.
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